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LEFKÓ the movie

On the occasion of the 20 years of Copla and in the context of a total rebranding, the famous beach bar of Lefkada, presents this year's campaign, launching the movie "Lefko".

With the help of the people of Lefkada, the film weaves myths and stories, to highlight the less touristic and more substantial side of the island. Lyrics, sounds and images, outline the scenery but also the experience that one can live starting from nature, all the way to Copla.

The strategy, communication and video are signed by Catalytica and Nikolas Moustakas, the Creative Director. The production was undertaken by, directed by Theodore Tzartos and director of photography Alexandros Economidis.


Directed By
Theodore Tzartos / Nickolas Moustakas

Creative Concept & Script

Alexandros Oikonomidis

Vlachos Triantafilos And Sons

Executive Producers
Giannis Katopodis Lianos - Vlachos Nikos

Joanna Papagianni
Nikos Zades
Alexis Alexopoulos
Lucy Daglas Tsiligianni
Sonia Fetsi

Xionis Stores \ Blueskin Chionis

Make Up
Rania Malfa, Melina Mel

Giannis Cholongounis
Gabriela Blacksavva

Special Thanks
Agiomavritiki Parea
Karma Lefkada
Ionian Transfer
Stratis Aravanis
Aimilios Siozos
Nikos Fitopoulos
Stavros Anagnostoy
Alexandros Sourbatis
Marietina Perdikari
Lefkas Hotel