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The owners wanted to create a building in perfect harmony with the natural environment that would reflect memories from their childhood when people would go to the beach to pick the "copla", woods brought to shore from the sea.

This effort was recognized at the 4th Biennale of Young Architects where Copla beach bar was awarded the prize for the integration to the natural environment.

Kathisma Beach is a beautiful white beach with fine sand, 1.500m. long and 60m. wide at the foot of a hill 1.300m. high. Here, we are free to enjoy refreshing soft drinks, iced coffees, fabulous cocktails, snacks, filling club sandwiches and endless shots to the sound of the intoxicating music.

Very close to the rocks, where the sand ends, the wooden beach bar COPLA was built. "Copla" is the wood washed ashore by the sea. The days of the holiday are numbered and there is no better place than Copla at Kathisma beach in Lefkada to spend them!

Kathisma Beach

Kathisma beach is 16 km from the town of Lefkas and 1km from the village of Agios Nikitas.

It is a white sandy beach with 1.500m length and 60m width that lies on the base of a hill(300m height) and it is the best organized beach of the island. In this beautiful blue beach you can enjoy swimming in crystal waters.

This spot is being used by the paragliding athletes. Organised hotels with panoramic sea view offer their hospitality and everything moves in a holiday rhythm.

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